The History of Speedo

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The LZR Racer Suit is unveiled at a press conference in New York City. Michael Phelps is at center, with Natale Coughlin to his left. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Speedo brand is one of the most popular swimsuit and athletic companies in Australia. Speedo is known around the world and is the best selling swimwear for athletes. However, there isn’t too much that people actually know about Speedo and the history of Speedo.


This company has come out with innovative technology that has caught the world by surprise, helping to make champion swimmers even faster with their cutting edge and revolutionary technology in swimwear. You can find Speedo all over the world and it is the ultimate leader in swimwear brands.


The Beginnings of Speedo


The history of Speedo began on the famous Australian shore of Bondi Beach in 1928. The first swimsuit released was the Racerback suit which allowed swimmers free motion over their body. The first big splash for Speedo was when the amazing Swedish swimmer, Arne Borg donned the Speedo suit and set a world record. This was the big break out moment for world recognition for the bathers company.


Speedo Technology Throughout the Years


Speedo has come up with incredible water sport technology for their swimsuits. They defy all of their competition as they are always the first to come out with the newest and best technologies for their designs.


In the 50s, Speedo invented a swimsuit and created it all out of Nylon. Then in the 70s Speedo was the first to produce a swimsuit designed out of an Elastane and Nylon combination.


Speedo has become so immensely popular that they sponsored the entire Australian Olympic Swim team in 1956 while the games were being held in Melbourne. Then in 1968, 27 out of the 29 Olympic gold medallists won in Speedo gear. Even the greatest swimmer of all time, Michael Phelps made his history wearing Speedo two times, once in 2004 while becoming the only swimmer to earn 8 medals at the Olympic and again in 2008 when he won all 8 gold Olympic medals.


Speedo has had a long and prosperous history that continues today. The history of Speedo has forever been graced with the highest quality technology for performance swimsuits which is noted by all of the historic champions that have worn this brand.


Since chlorine began to stain swimsuits, Speedo was the first in history to develop chlorine resistant fabric which was released in the early 90s. The latest swimsuits to be produced by Speedo were in 2000 with the Fatskin swimsuit which was inspired by shark’s skin, and in 2008 with the LZR Racer which are worn by all of the top swimming athletes around the world.


The Choice of Champions


It is true that only champions wear Speedo as the history of Speedo tracks. Speedo was first seen in the Olympics a few years after their beginning in 1932. The Australian swimmer, Claire Dennis, happened to also win the gold medal that year in her Speedo at the Los Angeles Olympic Games.


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Aussie’s Love Hydroponics Gardening

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A hydroponics system can be fully automated. Since it is water-based,the gardener has no soil to dig or weeds to pull. Also, the water canbe re-used to prevent wastage. 
Hydroponics was derived from the Greek word hydro, which means "water" and ponos, which means "labor or water-working". Hydroponics gardening involves growing plants with their roots in other nutrient solutions and without soil. Hydroponics gardening is as simple as ordinary gardening. Both of them necessitate sufficient light, water, temperature, light, and humidity. But with hydroponics, no soil is used. Instead a soil substitute holds the roots while nutrients are carried by the water. Indoor hydroponic gardening is not that hard and plants respond well to this method of growing.This is one of the major considerations in hydroponics gardening since it sustains the plants. One has to make sure that this nutrient solution maintains a pH level of 5 to 6 after dilution. In hydroponics gardening, the plants should be watered more than three times a day. this is usually done using a pump and timer.
Place your plants somewhere they can receive ample amount of light. Otherwise artificial light must be used. High pressure Sodium lights or bulbs are a suitable substitute for natural light. 
If your hydroponics garden is located indoors, the most suitable temperature is between 71 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, this temperature may change depending on the different types of plant you are working on, e.g. tropical plants.
With hydroponics, an excellent yield of quality plants can be easily achieved. Home hydroponics systems and DIY kits are are readily available in most hardware stores.
Humidity is good. When the room’s temperature rises, the air will be able to hold the sufficient amount of moisture your plants will need.

Action Tanks Complas Launches New Website in 2011

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All of this calls for a matchless solution to manage water usage. Whether suffered from extreme flooding or extreme drought, they must be more efficient with water resources – how they manage it, store it & re-use it.

With climate change comes the surge in flooding & in contrast to that, serious drought. This means more burden on the traditional measures of managing stormwater & general water supply. Demand on water resources grows more heavy with raising urban populations & far more issue on prevailing infrastructures.

Action Tanks Complas is committed to providing innovative & superior quality products, complete packaged systems & outstanding customer support to meet the growing needs of clients & customers in the sustainable water solutions industry.

There’s several options for recycling efforts & more sustainable solutions offered by a number of the most promising names in the industry. They will look at notable & trusted name in sustainable water solutions industry in Australia.

It is proud to offer high quality steel & polyethylene Rainwater Storage tanks, aboveground & underground Watermarked Rainwater Harvesting & Management Systems including diverters & pumps, & Wastewater (septic & greywater) & Stormwater management systems for residential, commercial & industrial applications.

As part of its expansion, an agricultural line was made available, further septic & greywater products as well as a new style of aboveground polyethylene rainwater storage tanks & swimming pools. The company only makes use of polyethylene that contains UV protection tested specifically for Australia’s amazingly harsh local climate.

The properly certified polyethylene used by Action Tanks Complas is 100% safe for drinking water. As part of meeting Australian standards Action Tanks Complas products are tested as part of a strict quality assurance & compliance procedures to make positive the highest quality solution is provided. Its products are fully-compliant & certified by rigorous Australian standards.

For over 28 years of being a leading manufacturer in the industry, it remains to be an entirely Australian-owned & operated company. In 2009, it acquired the ex-Nylex factory at Bundaberg & revived the trusted Queensland brand name Complasa thus Action Tanks Complas continues that unswerving dedication.

Without peer, Action Tanks Complas is a proud participant in the industry sector & has been providing customers with extensive operational experience, commercial innovation & leadership.

The company’s Head Office & manufacturing base is located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Noosaville, Queensland. There’s state-of-the-art factories that manufacture & distribute quality products throughout Queensland & New South Wales.

For more information & or technical service, visit their newly built website

What Exactly Are UGG Boots?

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Well, they are a kind of boot that is created from sheepskin and have a woolen lining. They are well-loved by both men and women, but more specifically with teenagers.

The first UGG boots were produced in Australia. Individuals used them throughout the house since they were very easy to slip on. When during World Wars I and II aircraft pilots began wearing them, they became very popular with the pilots because they helped to keep their feet warm. The planes they travelled in were not pressurized, which in turn actually created very cold temperatures.

These aircraft pilots named their boots “fug” which was basically a derivative of flying UGG. No matter how they were referred to then, the finished result was that they were really cosy to wear. Sheepskin is a perfect material for keeping your feet warm as well as being sturdy.

UGGs often work like a thermostat by delivering more warmth as needed and lesser warmth when it is not needed. That is one reason why many people think it is easier to wear a pair of UGG boots without socks. Due to this, marine sports fans, including surfing and competition swimmers began to take an interest in UGG boots.

The popularity of UGGs increased during the 1960’s when Australians began to create their unique boots to keep their feet warm after they had come out of the water. They added a soft sole which was much like an insulated sock. This is where the title UGG is thought to originate from (i.e. UGG boots essentially looked ugly).

Throughout Australia UGG is not considered a brand name. It’s essentially an expression meaning sheepskin boot. It has been the subject of dialogue and dispute for a very long time. What originally began as a project to create a house shoe that could be sold to Australians countrywide has rapidly established into a worldwide operation because clients are looking specifically for boots that have the UGG title.

What was initially a simple farmer’s market venture has elevated today into a worldwide industry for UGGs. The McDougall’s, who live in Australia, embarked into a family business referred to as ‘UGGs-n-Rugs’ three decades ago. What originally began with taking their products for sale to the neighbourhood farmer’s market has since, via the internet, escalated their sales beyond their wildest dreams. The result being that the UGGs market has expanded worldwide.

Without warning, in the United States, celebrities began wearing a version of UGG boots which had been created by the Deckers Corporation. This projected the profile of the UGG boot all over the world and therefore the interest in this kind of boot has continued to grow and grow.

Of course when celebrities start to wear something a completely new fashion trend inevitably explodes. This was no exception for the UGG boot because women, especially teenagers, quickly started searching the net for UGG boots.

So essentially what was originally simply an over-inflated sock has now converted into a best-selling boot. Today there are a variety of versions, colours and styles which have greatly changed the shape of the original UGG boot.

The great thing about UGG boots is that they allow you the option to wear them with a skirt, dress or with jeans/trousers and they still look very fashionable. That is why the appeal is not just limited to teenagers. Other age brackets have made a decision they like this kind of boot too. The UGG boot has truly advanced considerably from the original concept that started the whole craze.

Most people do not realise that the word UGG is a generic name for a sheepskin boot. It is just that certain UGG manufacturers have tried to monopolise the UGG brand name as their own.

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Come on Aussie, Vegemite, Ugg boots, Eskies, Fosters T shirt

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Australian promotions are often underrated in Australia for their quality and content. Australia actually produces a lot of major brands known around the world, and the promotional process is the main reason they’re so well known. As a matter of fact, the “Australianization” of promotions has created a lot of major brand identities.Promotional products have been many and varied. From shrimps on barbies to Ugg boots, Fosters, Vegemite and Lexcus cars, there’s a history of Australian products which have become household identities through promotion.
All things Australian- Promotional products that keep on selling
Australian promotions are very much lifestyle-based. The big names in Australian products are all linked to living well in the true Australian sense. The famous brand name Eskies, for example, are themselves a major promotional product. Any promotional product to do with sport, all accessories, and any promotional image related to the iconic Australian sports, sells out.
The Australian image- A natural association in promotions
The appeal is in the association with lifestyle values. Australian products like Australian beers and foods all use promotional products in some form to advertise. This is a strong marketing relationship in which the Australian element is heavily featured. This is a sort of “two way branding”, in which the promotional product reflects the recipient’s values. The Fosters T shirt is considered Australiana, as much as any sort of product promotion.
The commercial promotion approach
Promotional products are big business in Australia. A promotion company can order a whole suite of customized items online from major Australian suppliers, and set up a complete targeted promotional campaign easily. This flexibility in supply of promotional materials gives a lot of space for very effective creative marketing.
The unforgettable promotional products
Promotional advertising, marketing merchandising and promotional giveaways often combine to form unforgettable product identities:
Come on Aussie- This hook line created a huge range of promotional materials, everything from T shirts to songs, which then operated as strong selling material for promotion of both the campaign and the products.
The Boxing Kangaroo– The only kangaroo image which has persisted in Australian marketing other than QANTAS, the Boxing Kangaroo is a staple of the sports industry promotional materials.
Kids images- The Wiggles and Bananas in Pajamas are immovable and enduring fixtures on international kids promotions.
Australian Made- The distinctive logo has now been in service for decades, and is still actively
These iconic products are a good example of how promotional ideas translate into extremely strong promotional merchandise.
The most effective marketing combinations of Australian products all involve:
Strong brand presence creation
Good advertising materials tailored to the market
Good hook lines
A wide range of promotional product options based on the advertising
The range of promotional options is defined across market segments by the brand’s market identity. This branding approach is particularly useful for business promotional concepts where a specific market segment is being targeted. Creative marketing concepts really are the key to successful creative promotional methods.

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