Maximise your maxi The ulitmate guide to the maxi dress

mission maxi 1

mission maxi 1 (Photo credit: Melanie O)


The MAXI DRESS has long been considered an essential in every wardrobe, promising EFFORTLESSstyle in a wealth of colours and fabrics to suit every changing trend. It’s alreadyMAKING WAVES on the runway this year, so we’ve put together the ultimate guide, helping you select the right style and ensuring you’re ready for any occasion!


What is a maxi dress? Maxi dresses are, as the name suggests, longer than usual and flowing. However, that doesn’t make them a shapeless fit – if anything, it’s more important to make sure you find a dress that suits your body, as otherwise you risk missing out on an opportunity to show off your shape!


First designed in the late 1960s by designer Oscar de la Renta, the maxi dress was a rebellious response to the ultra-miniskirts that were topping the fashion polls at the time. By the 70s, every leading designer had a signature maxi dress, and while the shoulder pads of the eighties and the hard grunge-inspired 90s pulled the dress out of fashion, it saw a much-needed revival in the Noughties – this time with an added touch of glamour. Fabrics are lighter, styles are more sophisticated, and the form is so flexible that with just a change of shoes and a good belt you can upgrade from casual daywear to party-ready in minutes.